Qiu xiao min zi

仇 晓敏子

Hometown: Su Zhou・China(中国・蘇州)
Language: Chinese、English(中文、英文)


Hello everyone. I am honten's Q. As you know Tokyo is the capital of Japan and also has the largest metropolitan economy in the world. But if you want see the real culture of Japan, you should be come to Kyoto. I love Kyoto when I was in China. I started my Kyoto life from three years ago.
Kyoto is the home of many shrines and temples. Each property is committed to continuously protect its own faith and status. Maybe for many reasons you are in Kyoto, like study abroad、travel or work etc. But I think you should not lose any chance to enjoy in Kyoto.
Environment of living is very important. Although you are in abroad, we will supply the best rent service to let you feel like at home. If you are going to come to Japan or moving to Kyoto, you can contact me if you have any problem. Wish to see you in Kyoto.


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